Friday, September 25, 2009

Just saving some videos just in case.

These are a little precious. I don't have faith in facebook so I'm saving them here. They're like my prized possessions.

hope it worked!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stupid Fonts! (this is sort of old)

Okay, I'm really going to actually update now. Now bear with me, this post might be a little strange. I didn't get much sleep because of an allergy attack brought on from dog hair. The issue though is WHY THE HECK was my dog on my bed. That made no difference though, leaving me a sneezy mess for about 12:00 am to 1:00 am. Needless to say I'm not so fond of my dog or my sister who allows the dog onto her bed. Allergies pretty much really stinks. 
The rest of my day has been really good though. After waking up early to walk the dahlingggg dog I'm pet sitting and then caught a ride downtown. I spent most of the rest of the day galavanting around town with Alex, Amelia, and Sara which I must say, was pretty fun. This was followed by the babysitting of my adorable little neighbor. Hmm... I thought talking about my day really would fill up more space.
Ooh! Thought of something. Last night I watched Religulous which was actually really good. It was about exploring faith and why people are so religious. With the host's satirical comedy it was pretty hilarious. The message really was deep though. It stated that religion is okay but that if we allowed it to affect our actions we're basically planning our own demise. I would definitely suggest it to anyone who doesn't get too angered when religion is dissed. Read about it at .
Well lately I'm been twittering, (@useyourmind) unsuccessfully too. I prefer to follow than to tweet. The Onion keeps me entertained, the New York Times informed, and Matt Lewis .... Speaking of Matt Lewis the Half- Blood Prince is coming out in a few days. I have to say I'm pretty insanely excited. Those extra six months weren't horrific but they weren't exactly enjoyable. I did enjoy the fantastic trailers though. 
Well I think I'll end on a high note with a quote from Dr. Seuss ( I don't think I've been random enough throughout this post. ). “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.”

Rianna :) <3 (Y) (upside down peace sign)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Internet Prompts

Well I didn't quite know how to start this blog so I searched the web. Googling "blog prompts" I found this intriguing site called mindbump. It there gave me, “Are you the type of person who lives for the journey or the destination?”.

This question really stumps me. I'm not quite sure. As I seem to answer every question, it depends. I live for the destination as a coping mechanism. If the journey isn't fun there is no point in living for misery. Also living for the destination gives you a sense of hope. It shows that as bad as things can seem it's just temporary and things will get better. Not to say that I don't live for the journey. I do because the destination is just a place and it's important to realize and enjoy the trip. It's the majority of your life, it just makes sense to live for it. 

Well that was pretty boring. I thought it would be an interesting topic but it sort of got redundant and boring really fast. Well lets think of something to say.

Well I watched Rent last night which was pretty cool. I really enjoyed it. I'm not going to spoil it for like the two people that read my blog but it's really deep. It was just amazing watching this close knit group of friends, waiting for each other to die. The music was amazing too but I think everyone knows that. My favorite song was either Tango: Maureen or I'll Cover You. I'll Cover You would probably win though because it was so heart touching. Angel was one of my favorite characters which caused the plot more sadder for me. He or She just seemed so full of life and loving to everyone he/she encountered. Roger was probably my second favorite. His deep tragedy and outlook on life was heartbreaking. His character was complex and almost refreshing. 

Well the weather hasn't very nice. It's supposed to get nice over the weekend though. Rain is a bummer because I can't ride my bike. That's pretty much the focus of my life at the moment. "Is the weather nice enough to ride my bike?". Seeing it's pouring rain I would say no but it's supposed to get up to 75 degrees on Friday. That would be awesome. I'm a little tired of Michigan "Spring". I'm not sure if I really believe in it. Michigan "spring" is sort of like cold, cold, cold, cold, warm, warmer, snow, snow, cold, cold, warm, snow, warm, snow, cold, cold, warm, warm, cold, summer! It's pretty epic if you guys haven't noticed. 

This is a Monday. I suppose I have the rest of the week ahead of me. That's pretty cool I suppose. Sort of exhausting though. Well hopes for a good week!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well here I am again, blogging up a storm (not!). I really sort of fail at this blogging thing. I think it's because I feel like I have to have something insanely important to say and I usually don't. But there I go, droning on again. I'm pretty much doomed it seems. I've been working on this post for about an hour already. I can be so A.D.D. sometimes. After a great link I was given this morning I'm not addicted to Maureen Johnson's blog (thanks Amelia). It's really interesting. I don't like the name Maureen much though. I'm a little obsessed with names. Maureen is a english/hebrew name that might mean bitter. My suspicions are confirmed. To name your daughter Maureen is a bit mean. 

My name on the other hand which I'm pretty fond of is a welsh name that means nymph. I think that's okay. I think that it could also mean maiden or goddess, depending on whether or not it's seen as a variation of the name Rhiannon. Enough about that I suppose. Just my weird obsessions and stuff. 

Well I'm watching Gilmore Girls and listening to music. This is pretty usual. Along with my being distracted all the time I always get sort of bored easily. I can't just be watching tv. I can't just be ont he computer. I can't just be listening to music. I can't just be reading. It's really horrible. Makes me really dependent on "stuff" which I don't like. This can be a problematic. Like because I listened to Harry Potter while I was falling asleep when I was younger, I can't fall asleep unless I have some sort of human voice recording talking.  

I'm listening to Maroon 5 right now. It's pretty cool. I was going to say something about it but then I just got distracted by how cool that 5 looked. It's like indented into the line. I officially love this font. I sort of want to change the format of my blog because it looks so juvenile which I don't like. 

Well I'm rambling again. I suppose I could talk about my day like Maureen Johnson told me too. Well I feel asleep this morning. Then I woke up and decided that it was way to early to be awake (9:00 a.m.) but I was forced awake anyways to go to Weber's for breakfast with my grandparents. It ended up being just my grandma because my grandpa decided to wash his clothes. Now reader, you might wonder why this might prevent him from attending breakfast. This is because he washes his clothes by walking into the shower with all his clothes on and scrubbing himself with soap. Don't ask, I have no idea why. Then later I rode my bike down to the store, Sam's. I love that store, what is cooler than a store with pretty much every color of the rainbow in converse? I don't think there is (well not really but whatever). I have a bit of a problem with shoes. I believe that everyone has at least one material weaknesses and mine is shoes. Its probably not really healthy but I NEED MORE SHOES! Yeah, this is really bad.

Well I'm going to go get some help for my addiction to shoes! Bye.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Dow Jones Industrial Drops .02923%

Well along with that ramblings of last post I've decided to post some of the ramblings I have scribbled into my school notebooks.

This was written in Language Arts over a period of a few day. (sort of explains the weird breaks that don't make sense)

Do you ever wonder if some of your teachers don't care at all about your education? That they'd be temporarily satisfied by just seeing your pencil on some paper and kept quiet as to not disturb their monotonous life. An A+ student can do all their work and never understand a thing. Sitting in class listening to the drones or a teacher about something that will never affect the students later in life, worksheet after worksheet, what is the purpose? What is the goal?

Around the country people are pondering what must be done to fix our education system. I would suggest that all that needs to be done is make sure the current teachers are actually doing the one thing that makes a class much more bearable. The teacher must be able to realize that they are occasionally wrong and that it's not always the stupidity of their students. We're right too sometimes! Perhaps the whole class doesn't understand it, not because they weren't paying attention but because you were teaching it badly. Just because you're a teacher it doesn't mean that you are not always in the right and we (students) aren't always in the wrong. Creativity would help.

Teaching by the book isn't always horrible but it is when teachers refuse to face the fact that the book is wrong. Is this because they are so uneducated on the topic they are teaching or just to stubborn to recognize that they and their precious book might be wrong? The agitating thing is that most of these mistakes are painfully clear. I Have A Dream is not a persuasive speech. Try, o' holy student teacher, to convince me but I am not going to be convinced.

Not to be off topic (tsk, MyAccess would not grade this) but the length of this piece is sort of ironic. It's about the length now of the paper I'm supposed to be writing. I've written more persuasive essays than I think anyone would ever wish too and am choosing to ignore the new one I've been assigned. Leaves me wondering every time though why the Michigan public school system cares so much about persuasive writing. To a point I can understand why it could be helpful to be able to persuade people but then I just find it driven so toughly into my brain that it's uncomfortable. It'll be quite scary in a few years when we super literally persuasive people hit the workforce. We've been taught that we can get anything if we write well enough but this simply isn't true.

Why do teachers and schools make life so hard for themselves? Why can't teachers teach their students instead of allowing their student teachers to do all the teaching (while they the teacher pick up the paycheck). I have almost given up on this education system (not that I can do anything about this). How frustrating it can be to retain opinions and ideas when such a load of crap is dumped on us every single day. To watch SRI scores drop every year and to sense myself hating the education part of school more and more is just painful. It doesn't have to be like this!

Sometimes it's tempting to attempt to turn into a boring zombie that just goes along with everything my teachers throw at me, as to just push the internal struggle I feel sometimes away. The human spirit doesn't exactly work like that though. It holds it's opinions strong and close (as not to be affected by persuasion, yeah I'm bitter). 

Schools seem to be intent on transforming us. Changing out values and crushing our souls (maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration). Shaping up for the rest of our lives (my conspiracy theory for a lifetime). The power of our "educators" can be easily used for nothing but with an effort can really make a positive difference. A good teacher can inspire a student to be the best person they could ever aspire to. I've had one or two of these teachers but they tend to be rare (cough, cough, Mr. Fuller, cough) but this year I'm feeling pretty unsatisfied. It's so frustrating spending hours each week being stuffed with information that doesn't hold any value. 

Frustratedly, Rianna

Well that is what I wrote. To make it clear I don't hate school, it's just the insanity of it. Well, that was quite exhausting. 


Saturday, March 7, 2009

So I found myself on Mrs. Lee's blog.....

I found myself logged into blogger when doing that random assignment of commenting on her blog and decided it was time for another post from myself.

Right now I'm watching Toddlers in Tiaras on TLC. It's sort of random but it's really weird. (wow, totally just confirmed the fact I watch completely weird shows). It's sort of interesting to watch how hard moms can be on their daughters. Some of the girls seem to enjoy it but it's really sad watching the ones that just don't. The ones that would rather be sleeping or just playing instead of having a pound of makeup applied to their faces. Enough of this though. 

So from the prompting of my aunt I'm going to talk a bit about my trip over break. We went to LA which was pretty good. The plane ride.... *shivers* was not fun. While we were there we went to like the Museum of Tolerance, Disneyland, the Getty, and some other stuff. Yeah I just got really bored in the middle of that paragraph. 

Life has been lifelike lately. So yeah.

I'm just going to stop talking now 'cause this is really boring to read. So bye.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rianna is Angry at Bigoted Airport Security Workers!

Hello from Tuesday! After a long day at school I have summoned up the energy and motivation to update! Aren't you excited? I'm not sure who I'm talking to because no one commented on the last post.... *sad pandas*. Well enough whining, I'll suppose I'll start attempting to talk.

School was okay today. It sort of sucked because I had a lot of stuff to deal with after being absent yesterday. That was tough and time consuming. There were a lot of new student teachers which sort of annoyed me. The teachers that have student teachers at the moment are the slightly lazy ones that don't want to teach themselves.

When I got home I read an article that made me really, really, really mad. It was another article about Muslim people that are better citizens of this country than most getting thrown off a plane for making other passengers nervous. This man was just wearing a shirt that in Arabic said, "We will not be silent". I think that is an awesome shirt and wish I had one (even though I'm not Middle Eastern). The quote in this article that disturbs me the most is this one, "He was told the other passengers felt uncomfortable because an Arabic-inscribed T-shirt in an airport is like "wearing a T-shirt at a bank stating, I am a robber,"the ACLU said.". So the airport was telling him basically that it is a crime to be Middle Eastern in an airport. Things like this only get worse. It just brings you back to McCain's family man crap.

These things are so annoying. There is enough trouble in the world. Why take out anger on people who have never done anything except share the same ethnicity as some insane people? People from every race have done bad things. A whole group of people should not be punished for a few peoples actions. Stereotyping is never progressive or helpful. Why can't be all just get along. Everyone doesn't have to be all lovey dovey but they should not have such displays of hate.

Well, I'm a little tired now. Frustration does that to a person. Well, life is tough. Everyone must keep fighting for justice though. Every person helps. Whether its telling someone bigoted against a group or posting on a blog to try to make people understand I encourage everyone to help.